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Home Security Systems, Business Alarms and Camera Systems in Texarkana

Vital Security has been providing Texarkana area homes and businesses with quality home security and camera systems for years. We use the latest state-of-the-art technology to ensure you get the most out of your home security system.

We can work together to provide you with a new system that fits your exact needs. If you already have a system installed we can monitor that system as well and discuss any additional options you may be interested in.

Why Choose Vital Security Texarkana?

  • Professional Installation

  • State-of-the-art Wireless Security Systems - No Phone Line Needed

  • FREE Mobile App for controlling your system with your smart phone

  • LOW monthly monitoring rates

  • Discount on Homeowners Insurance

  • Independently Owned and Operated - Not a Rep or Dealer

  • No Contract or Contract - You Decide!

  • Licensed & Insured

  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau

  • A Rating with Angie's List

  • 5 Star Google & Yelp Reviews


Our Services Include:

  • Security Systems - simple to use touchscreen control with voice feedback

  • Camera Systems - we use HD and 4K quality cameras to make sure you have a clear picture.

  • Interactive services - control your security system, thermostat, lights, door locks, garage door and more all from your smartphone.

  • Takeover of existing security alarm system - we can reprogram your existing system to be monitored by us and save you money!

Security Systems, Alarm Systems and Monitoring in Texarkana

There are many benefits to installing a monitored security system in your home. First, you are protecting your property and family from theft and vandalism. Just by installing a security system you are reducing the likelihood of being burglarized. Intruders look for easy targets, homes without a security system are just that. Another benefit is that most insurance companies will give you a discount on your homeowners insurance for installing a monitored security system. They know that you are reducing your risk of being burglarized.

We use the latest technology to provide you with smarter interactive home security. No phone line is needed since we use cellular and wireless technologies. This also gives you a greater level of protection because systems monitored via traditional phone lines are more easily disabled by an intruder or outage. Also, you can gain peace of mind knowing that our friendly central station staff is monitoring your alarm 24 hours a day- 7 days a week.

Texarkana Camera Systems and Video Surveillance

We offer custom designed high definition camera systems for homes,businesses, schools, retail, restaurants, farms, and industrial sites. We design, professionally install and offer continued quality local service on our Texarkana camera systems. 

Benefits of installing a security camera system include:

  • Deterrent - Having security cameras acts as a deterrent to potential criminals.

  • Remote Monitoring - Our cameras allow you to watch in while your away using your mobile device(s).

  • Reduced Liability - Video cameras can help in the case of false liability claims against you.

  • Evidence - Valuable evidence can be gained in the event of a burglary or other type of loss.

  • Pets - You can keep a watchful eye on your pets when your not at home or gone for vacation.

  • Improved Productivity - Employees typical will work harder when they know they are being watched.

Existing Security System Special

If you already have a security system installed in your home or business we can save you money on your monthly monitoring fees. We can monitor systems installed by other security companies. Including Honeywell, GE Security, 2 GIG, DSC, and many more. We simply reprogram your system to communicate with our monitoring station. We can also add interactive services to your existing system. Interactive services allow you to control your system with a mobile device. This let's you turn the system on/off while your away from home.


Fire, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

We can add smoke detection and carbon monoxide detection to your security system. Having these devices connected to the security system gives you the added benefit of having these devices monitored versus traditional stand alone units that only sound at the site. This can save valuable response time in the event that a fire starts. Also, it can be helpful to get this notification if you have pets or seniors living in your home. 

If you have hardwired smoke detectors already  installed in your home we can also add a wireless sensor to monitor those existing fire alarm devices.

Here's what just a few of our customers are saying about our services:

Check out our video about the burglary at the Texarkana Animal Shelter. Since this video was filmed we have provided the Animal Shelter with complete installation of a security system, monitoring services and maintenance at no charge to the shelter.